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medicine in the time of coronavirus

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Update 05April2020: I am close to 100% telemedicine visits now, which is much safer for me, you, and most important the community. Bert Hubert is taking a break from the Corona Science Journal. For up-to-date information that’s more in-depth than… Continue Reading →

Oasis news

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  See our coronavirus page for information on drive-thru testing. In order to help reduce the velocity of the spread of novel coronavirus infections, we are going to be requiring more telemedicine visits. Please read our telemedicine policy to find… Continue Reading →

looking for mental health care? primary care?

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Medical Oasis integrates primary care and mental health, because your mind and your body are connected. What does your health care really cost you? We eliminate the troubles getting appointments, the long wait, the seven-minute visit, the cold exam room,… Continue Reading →

what patients need to know

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If you’re an established Oasis patient, there is a lot of information here to which you might want to refer when you need medication refills or have questions about pricing or availability or how to contact us. contacting us If… Continue Reading →


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Non-subscriber rates $285 for each visit appointments subject to availability Subscription: $135/month includes one half-hour visit per month additional visits in the same month are $80 each your first visit will be charged at the non-subscriber rate of $285 Family… Continue Reading →


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During the pandemic, we are encouraging everyone to use our telemedicine system whenever possible. tl;dr: If you’re not already on a phone or tablet, Open this page ( on your phone or tablet. Click on one of these links: Android… Continue Reading →

alternate telemedicine platform: Jitsi Meet

Signal is working great for most of our telemedicine folks, but I miss the old Jitsi Meet server and figured out how to get it back on line reliably. If you want to use it: Request a link from us… Continue Reading →

“Doc! Have you heard about…

…this miraculous COVID-19 cure/test/treatment that’s been proven to work with no side effects but there’s a conspiracy by the AMA and Big Pharma to cover it up?” Sorry if I replied to your email with just this link. I would like to… Continue Reading →

Drive-Thru Testing for novel Coronavirus

Drive-thru testing for novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) infection is now (supposedly) available in Sacramento, but only through Project Baseline, the product of a private, for-profit corporation. There are caveats that you really should know about, so… Continue Reading →

state screws up controlled prescriptions

UPDATE 29January2019: The new forms came in a few minutes ago! We should be contacting you shortly about picking up prescriptions if you’ve been waiting. Do you get Schedule C-II controlled medications (the ones that require paper prescriptions)? If so… Continue Reading →

prescription refills

Please request prescription refills directly from us Pharmacies will tell you that they have contacted us for refills. You shouldn’t believe them. They often send their requests to the wrong fax number (ignoring the one printed on every prescription) so… Continue Reading →

do you take my insurance?

“I’m a doctor, not an insurance actuary!” We like to spend our time with you, not filling out forms. It keeps our quality high (there are no accountants telling us how to practice) and our costs low. It means our… Continue Reading →

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