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Month March 2020

alternate telemedicine platform: Jitsi Meet

Signal is working great for most of our telemedicine folks, but I miss the old Jitsi Meet server and figured out how to get it back on line reliably. If you want to use it: Request a link from us… Continue Reading →

“Doc! Have you heard about…

…this miraculous COVID-19 cure/test/treatment that’s been proven to work with no side effects but there’s a conspiracy by the AMA and Big Pharma to cover it up?” Sorry if I replied to your email with just this link. I would like to… Continue Reading →

Drive-Thru Testing for novel Coronavirus

Drive-thru testing for novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) infection is now (supposedly) available in Sacramento, but only through Project Baseline, the product of a private, for-profit corporation. There are caveats that you really should know about, so… Continue Reading →

medicine in the time of coronavirus

Sticky post

Update 05April2020: I am close to 100% telemedicine visits now, which is much safer for me, you, and most important the community. Bert Hubert is taking a break from the Corona Science Journal. For up-to-date information that’s more in-depth than… Continue Reading →

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