We incorporated three years ago. In the depths of the recession, it was a crazy thing to do. We wondered how we were going to attract business. We made marketing plans, looked into advertising, thought about contacting our friends and colleagues to help us drum up business.

We needn’t have worried.

Our schedule is often full these days, and we appreciate that many of you have been willing to wait a week or two for an appointment. In the past, things have slowed down a lot during the summer, so we expect our schedule to return to normal some time this month. (Why is summer slow? If you’re a patient of mine, I’ve probably harangued you about getting outdoors and walking. I’d like to think that summertime means more outdoor activity and fewer health problems.)

Come fall, I’m going to shift time from other activities and expand my schedule at The Oasis. Our goal is to be able to get you in within a day or three. If those extra hours get used up, we’ll just have to start limiting the number of new patients and subscriptions we can accept. Success, for us, isn’t about numbers. It’s about health.

Thank you.