Update 20210127@19:04:

Power was restored late this afternoon. We had a great opportunity to test our emergency preparedness. Of course, it set me back another day on getting other work done, but such is life.


I hope you all weathered the storm okay. We lost power at our data center, but our power backup system kept things running. Unfortunately,

  • our fiber optic internet connection went down
  • our cellular backup through T-Mobile went down
  • our cellular backup through AT&T went down
  • even our emergency backup wireline phone went down

So in spite of backups-for-backups, our data center was offline (web site, email, texts, phones, faxes) for a few hours this morning. That’s back up now, but we also had a tree branch crash through one of the office windows close to our communications equipment. Everything at the office is down (phones, texts, emails). We’re hard at work trying to repair the damage and get everything running again.