Do you take my insurance?

“I’m a doctor, not an insurance actuary!” We like to spend our time with you, not filling out forms. It keeps our quality high (there are no accountants telling us how to practice) and our costs low. When we were developing the Oasis, we discovered that our costs might triple if we started entering into contracts with insurers. Instead, we give you the documentation you need to request reimbursement directly from your insurance company.

Unfortunately, Medicare and Medi-Cal will not reimburse for our services.

How do I get started?

We encourage you to come by the office to meet us and take a little tour. We can answer your questions and help you decide if Sacramento Medical Oasis should be part of your healthy world.

What do I get with my subscription?

Your subscription includes one doctor visit each month. Our visits are lengthy (we each schedule a maximum of two patients per hour) and relaxed. We interview patients in comfortable consultation offices, and save the exam room for when it’s really necessary.

We will take care of your outpatient primary care and psychiatric office visits. We won’t provide services that we feel we cannot provide safely or efficiently, so you will have to see a specialist if you have needs outside of our expertise. We also don’t provide medications or diagnostics (blood tests, imaging, pathology, and the like). We do some minor procedures, but if you want a procedure that involves an expensive medication or device, you or your insurance company will have to cover that cost. Insurance plans generally cover diagnostic tests and prescription medications even when ordered by doctors they don’t have contracts with. (If they won’t, ask them why—we believe it is because they can’t pressure independent doctors to reduce costs at the expense of your health.) When you must bear costs out-of-pocket, we can often design your care in ways that reduce costs. As always, the decision is between you and your doc, with no insurance accountant in the room.

I don’t see my doctor every month;
why should I get a subscription?

The medical profession talks about preventive care, but then we put barriers in the way of patients when they just want to ask questions, manage chronic conditions, or plan a healthy lifestyle. Doctor visits are unpleasant and appointments are hard to get, so we only bother when we’re really sick.

At Sacramento Medical Oasis, we want to know who you are before you get sick. That’s the only way we can prevent a new disease from developing or an old one from getting worse. If you do get sick, we already know you and have a head start in figuring out how to help you get well. It won’t work, though, if your visits are anxiety provoking. It won’t work if you have to schedule weeks in advance. It won’t work if you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait. It won’t work if you have to go to an uninviting medical facility and fight for parking to get your care. Visiting Sacramento Medical Oasis is more like a trip to the spa: quiet and relaxed, soothing instead of stressful.

What if I still don’t want a subscription?

Our non-subscriber rates are somewhat higher and subject to availability, but we can see you even without a subscription.

Are the docs available by telephone?

The telephone seems convenient, but it contributes to a lot of bad medicine. We want to see you face-to-face. If you still want a telephone consultation, we ask that you schedule a regular appointment so that you and your doc will have the time set aside to give your health the attention you deserve. We can also conduct your appointment by secure videoconferencing. Just remember that we want to treat you, not just your voice or your picture.

Is it confidential?

We believe that you should control your personal health information. Except in a medical emergency or to follow a court order, we will only release your medical record directly to you. If you were referred to Sacramento Medical Oasis by another health care provider we will—with your permission—keep that provider up to date on your treatment. We can also—again with your permission—electronically transmit prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. Otherwise your privacy really is in your hands.