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Non-subscriber rates $285 for each visit appointments subject to availability Subscription: $135/month includes one half-hour visit per month additional visits in the same month are $80 each your first visit will be charged at the non-subscriber rate of $285 Family… Continue Reading →

new cancelation policy

Alas, we’ve had far too many last-minute cancelations that have resulted in people who really needed appointments missing out. We now ask that you notify us at least five hours in advance if you need to reschedule an appointment. There… Continue Reading →

you never sent my prescription!

tl;dr: I think pharmacies shred faxes they’ve received when it isn’t convenient for them to fill the prescriptions We seem to be living in an age of pervasive lying, at least in politics and business. When it comes to health… Continue Reading →


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During the pandemic, we are encouraging everyone to use our telemedicine system whenever possible. tl;dr: If you’re not already on a phone or tablet, Open this page ( on your phone or tablet. Click on one of these links: Android… Continue Reading →

insurance company pharmacy

I just had to write this email, again, to yet another patient whose insurance company said that they would only pay for their prescription if if was filled at the insurance company’s pharmacy. Often, they demand a specific quantity without… Continue Reading →

too busy!

We incorporated three years ago. In the depths of the recession, it was a crazy thing to do. We wondered how we were going to attract business. We made marketing plans, looked into advertising, thought about contacting our friends and… Continue Reading →

preventive care

I started medical school in my 30’s, so I have some experience seeing life through the eyes of a non-physician adult. I’m now thoroughly socialized as a doctor, but I do have flashes of memory from my pre-indoctination days. Recently… Continue Reading →

what to do when your pharmacy says “no”

When you try to get a new prescription filled and your pharmacy tells you “your doctor has to authorize this prescription,” chances are they are mistaken.  A prescription is the only “authorization” a pharmacy needs to dispense a medication. What… Continue Reading →

getting busy

The idea for Sacramento Medical Oasis, Inc. dates to April 2009, but we shelved the idea for a year. We got serious in April 2010. We tried to get funding in the midst of an economic crisis, and ended up… Continue Reading →

medical email

I get asked all the time about using email for medical information. After all, it’s how we do most everything else these days, and it seems so cumbersome to have to play telephone tag just to communicate with our doctors…. Continue Reading →

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